Mind & Body Fitness Classes


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20 Cardio / 20 Strength & Tone / Abs & Butt
 Total full body workout!
Be prepared to burn 450 - 700 calories  
Must bring your water bottle, towel, and a willing spirit to change your body forever!! 
All fitness levels welcome.
Bring to class: 
Water, INSIDE SHOES ONLY, towel a must!
Barre Pilates Fusion: combines techniques at the Barre with  Ballet, Pilates, strength training, yoga stretching along with anaerobic movements.  This class will sculpt and tone your arms & butt and increase your options for a great workout.
Class size is 15 MUST Reserve your spot.
You will need, yoga mat, studio socks optional, water & towel.  
This inspired Mat/Barre class strengthens your core, lengthens the spine, builds muscle tone and improves body awareness. Shape and sculpt your core, back and hip muscles into long, lean muscles without joint stress. 
Bring your own mat, no shoes are required.

Reluctant to try yoga because you feel like you don’t understand the breathing or just don’t know what to expect? Or maybe you are new to yoga and want to familiarize yourself with some common postures. Slow Flow Yoga teaches you the basic moves (postures) along with breathing.  This class is designed to help you feel comfortable with your practice. Join us and experience the benefits of yoga. Mixed levels welcomed.  Bring your mat and towel, no shoes required.

This class combines 30 minutes of cycling, you will experience a variety of cycling including hill climbs, fast flats, and exhilarating finishes while focusing on speed, power, intensity and technique. A great cardio workout! Then focus on core work, toning and defining the abs and strengthening the back to improve posture and strength. 
This cycling class gets crazy!
You will have fun, sweat, climb, rock and feel the burn!
This class can be high intensity interval training (HIIT). Guaranteed to give a great workout!  Or the teacher will make it up to you.
Please make a mental note;  ride to your level of fitness.
We want you coming back.
This class combines of 30 minutes of cycling, 30 minutes of strength. You will get a full body workout. We promise!!
Please bring with you,
Bottled water, towel and Indoor shoes.
All levels welcomed
Indoor cycling (55 mins.) is a great cardiovascular workout utilizing variations in cadence, resistance and body position. A variety of classes focusing on intervals, recovery, strength, and endurance are offered. We have the largest indoor cycling studio in the area with a 10’ drop down screen for your great scenic virtual ride. Our bikes are equipped with cycling computers which provide riders with information on cadence, heart rate, distance traveled and calories burned. All of our bikes are equipped with cleats/clips or you can just ride in your fitness shoes. For your safety, the use of headsets are not permitted during class. Please refer to our Indoor Cycling class schedule for class times. Members and guests must sign-in for all classes at the front desk or online. 
High energy and fun!  Come ride with us and experience the "high" of biking.  All levels welcome.
This class is a slower pace yoga class with a range of modifications to make the poses progressively more accessible. It includes gentle stretches, breathing, and restorative poses, as well as simple movements to increase range of motion of the major joints. Yoga can help reduce stress, improve circulation, build community connections and address challenges that result from chronic health conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. This class is healing and rejuvenating.  (We do use chairs if needed)

All levels are welcome
This power sculpt workout will effectively strengthen and define your entire body! Sculpt your body with resistance training designed to completely reshape each muscle group, combined with interval 'cardio bursts' and great core work to give you maximum calorie burn. A quick stretch will end each workout leaving you feeling energized and balanced.
45 minute class
Improve your total body strength, balance, flexibility and joint range of motion with this interesting workout that harnesses the resistance of your body weight and gravity using the portable TRX Suspension Training System.
This class might use dumbbells and barbells.
Must pre-register online to reserve your spot.
(9 TRX Straps)
Mixed levels
A dynamic series of sequenced postures that seamlessly flow together with slow flow and a Vinyasa Yoga blend. This class is designed to help you take off those unwanted pounds and burn away toxins. If you're looking for strength, balance, laughing with fun attached!! This Vinyasa Yoga is for you! These classes are designed to empower students to create the highest expression of themselves on the Yoga mat and to affect the world in which we all live.
A mat, towel, and water bottle is requested as we breathe, sweat, and flow together with a free spirit to rock your yoga!
All levels welcome.
This style is sometimes also called flow yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance.  In terms of yoga asana, we can interpret this as a connection between movement and breath.  Everyone can do this. 
Mixed levels.
Bring your mat, towel and water.
A blend of Pilates & weights with a dynamic series of Yoga postures for enlightening the physical strength, mental and spiritual health. Mix of techniques to cleanse the body and calm the mind while sculpting the body. Mixed levels welcome.